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  1. The 7 Prettiest Makeup Colors for Blue Eyes
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  3. Make Your Eyes Pop With Bright Liner

Your eyes won't even need a filter. Using a highlighter on the inside lower lash line is the oldest trick in the book for making eyes appear bigger. But women with blue eyes should skip white highlighters. Instead, choose a soft, beige pencil like Note Cosmetics Eyeshadow Pencil in Pearl Beige that will brighten eyes naturally. It might seem counterintuitive, but women with blue eyes should avoid blue shadow. But if you can't bear to part with the shade, use it strategically.

While I wasn't blessed with beautiful baby blues, I have always loved to pin and save makeup looks that really compliment those peepers and make them pop!

The 7 Prettiest Makeup Colors for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes aren't as common as brown and hazel, but so many eye looks make them stand out! Of course, you can use any shadows that you like, but keep in mind that certain colors will really make your eyes seem more vibrant. So, I will be sharing with you 10 of my absolute favorite eye makeup looks that will really compliment your eyes and make you look and feel like a goddess. Details of products as well as links to the photo's and tutorials will be provided below each look. I hope you lovelies enjoy! Rust and gold smokey eyes This beautiful look takes the boldness of a rust colored shadow with the glow of gold and combines them into a smokey look that really gives your blue eyes a pop to die for.

You can add a wing for more of a bold look, or just apply some straight shot liner for a beautiful look that is not so drastic. Products used: Neutral Smokey Eye. This may be the most simple way to make your jewel eyes pop! We all know of many different types of neutral, natural, or nude palettes and eyeshadow colors. This is a beautiful smokey look with the brown shadow in the outer corner and throughout the crease blended into a cream shade that is applied on the inner corner.

Also, a beautifully highlighted brow bone! Look at that glow!! A very simple everyday go-to look that is sure to turn heads, a light neutral rosey eye. The best part is that this eye can either be played up or played down. Use more dramatic colors, winged liner, and falsies to really make this look stand out! One of my favourite things about Christmas is all the lovely gift sets a palettes that are launched.

The Body Shop is not a name I normally associate with makeup, so this little beauty was a real surprise for me. It contains 4 different eyeshadows and 2 little mini brushes. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and…. Urban Decay are real leaders when it comes to all things palettes. Once you mention the words Urban Decay and naked, our ears are sure to prick up and take notice. Last summer Urban Decay released another addition to their Naked palette family, the Naked 2 basics palette.

It was met with mixed feelings from many the Naked lover, as people claimed it was far too like the original Naked basics palette and while yes they are similar, the Naked 2 basics leans a lot cooler than the Naked 1 basics…. Do you see that little palette above? Well that ladies, that right there is heaven in a pan. These shadows have come into my life and made me swoon like a year-old at a teenage disco.

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  • Woodwinked.

Yes ladies we are finally getting more than just a matte or shimmer finish. To help you look summer ready, I have put together a post with my summer makeup essentials to give you flawless and long lasting skin. To help keep the costs as low as possible, I have included some high end and budget alternatives where I can.

SPF While most skincare products contain SPF unfortunately this is not enough to protect our skin from the suns harmful rays. I just adore coppering. The Make Up Fo Ever magnetic palette is cheaper and holds 45 mac eyeshadows. Have a couple of these and would agree that they are amazing!

Literally went out the next day and bought Amber Lights after you said how great it looks on blue eyes. You were so right! Thanks a million. Delighted you liked it. I love hearing when people buy stuff I recommend.

Krrp up the great work x. Hi Sinead I love all of your picks! I have light brown eyes and now I need help choosing the other three shadows! I need something darker like embark I guess, maybe something with a little shimmer like woodwinked and perhaps a base or a highlight?

Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous: TOP 10 MAC EYESHADOWS FOR BLUE EYES

I was thinking in All that glitters but I am not sure. What do you think? I think warm brown colours suits me. A question: Thanks a lot for your comments!! Try swiss chocolate, wood winked, red bricked. I use the blanc type for a base and nylon for highlight. Hi Sinead I have eyes that are mainly green but have a bit of brown n blue in them what shadows would you recommend?? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. My top 10 Mac eyeshadows. Woodwinked Woodwinked it by far my most used eyeshadow.

Make Your Eyes Pop With Bright Liner

Amber Lights Amber Lights is another very special colour. This is another Mac colour in my top 3 Beauty Marked The pictures do not do this eyeshadow any justice. Cranberry Oh Cranberry, you gorgeous thing you. Embark Embark is a very unusual colour. Sketch Sketch is dark burgundy brown with a velvet finish. Patina Patina is such an undervalued eyeshadow. Coppering Right now, Coppering is my absolute favourite Mac eyeshadow. We also recommend.