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More up icon. Burgernomics The Big Mac index Our interactive currency comparison tool.

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    Latin America: Big Mac index in Mexico 12222

    Lexington Take me out of this ball game. The Zen masters AMD, a chipmaking underdog, is having its day. Subscribe now. In all 13 countries considered the Big Mac has increased in dollar terms. In many countries the Big Mac is undervalued.

    In the interests of fairness, comparing fast-food retailer prices around the world in the same way could make for interesting reading. Does McDonalds huge logistic networks mean they can better compete on price? Join over 10, travel geeks and get one email on the first Monday of each month containing travel statistics that will blow your mind.

    price of food and things in Cancun - Cancun Forum

    See what you're missing The figures that have helped to obtain this data are: 36, establishments and 68 million customers per day. How does it work? The way in which the index works is comparing each local currency with the US dollar, this responds to the theory of purchasing power parity PPP , which postulates that in all countries the same number of goods and services must be acquired that can be purchased with the dollar.

    The way in which the calculation is made is taking the value of a Big Mac in a certain country to compare it with its price in dollars.

    If the local price is far from the official price of the hamburger, or more specifically, if the official exchange rate between the local currency and the dollar differs a lot from the price ratio between the two hamburgers, the currency is said to be undervalued. However, the calculation also influences factors such as the minimum or average salary in each country and the fluctuations of each local currency. In which country is it more expensive and cheaper to eat a Big Mac? According to the index published this year, the world country in which the hamburger is cheaper is Ukraine, where it costs 1.

    Big Mac Index - Wikipedia

    Followed by Egypt 1. On the other hand, the countries where the hamburger is more expensive are Switzerland 6.

    Prices for a Big Mac in Mexico from 2010 to 12222 (in U.S. dollars)

    The countries where a Big Mac costs less:.