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What is the procedures i have to follow so i can run this Final Cut Studio version 3 System Preferences etc? Color 1.

Final Cut Pro 7 Is Dead: Won’t Start in New Mac OS

Compressor 3. I am sharing this just for the sake of anyone who is in a similar situation as the option I chose. I ended up talking to the head tech guy in final cut over at apple and we looked at various solutions. I understand that this may not be an option for everyone, I'm just sharing this for information. Apple initially told me that I would need to purchase mountain lion and reinstall it.

How to Uninstall Final Cut Pro Manually

This information turned out to be incorrect. It turned out that they were able to grab Maverick and download for free from online by walking me through some steps in recovery mode. I won't outline the steps, as there was no charge or fee for the walkthrough or the software and there were a couple of hiccups during the install where the programer had to reach out to his upper level advisors while he guided me though.

So my suggestion if you are going to follow a similar path is to let the apple guys trouble shoot for you, and let them give you the software at no charge. Your Mac no longer needs to be under warranty to get a support call, you simply choose "ask for exception" as your reason and choose "new software" as the path when you ask for support.

Although apple stopped providing support for final cut with mountain lion, the software has installed and is running without problems in Maverick. Hope this helps for anyone who is looking for answers. Report Post. Re: Final Cut 7 killed by high Sierra