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I've learned a product I love dearly may not work well for most others—just as some products everyone else loves I just can't get to work. I've learned how important it is to take good care of your skin—and oh how I wish I knew about wearing SPF everyday before I was 18! I also feel there is so much creativity to be had when it comes to beauty, and it makes an amazing outlet!

TGBD: What's your favorite kind of product to try out? Eye shadow? Hair styling products? What gets you excited? Christine: Gosh, what doesn't get me excited? I will always love to try out new eye shadows, because my first makeup obsession was over every and any bright-colored eye shadow I could find! I think what gets me most excited these days are brand new products, whether they're new formulas or twists on an existing products or completely innovative and revolutionary.

I like to try products that will shake up my beauty routine. TGBD: Our readers told us the scents they're wearing recently. Which one s have you been spritzing on? It's not a bold or particularly exciting scent, but it's just perfect for casual, everyday wear. On occasion, I'll swap out for Burberry's The Beat, just because I can't resist, though I do prefer it in the springtime over winter.

MAC ELECTRIC WONDER Collection: Real Swatches & Review

For all my holiday occasions and events, I turned to my tried-but-true Dior Addict. Christine: I love coral-pinks! I just can't enough of them. With my warm undertones, I find these shades tend to flatter me best in comparison to other shades.

MAC Shiny Pretty Things: Lipstick and Lipglass Swatches and Info:

Whenever I find a nice medium pink, I swoon; who doesn't find pink lips perfectly feminine and girly? Finally, one can never have too many gold glosses--they make great ways to add shimmer and sparkle to any lipstick, plus they help warm up shades that would otherwise be too cool for me to wear well. MAC Mari-sheeno lipstick for its gorgeous shade of pink-coral, which was unfortunately incredibly limited and no longer exists in the States. Cle de Peau's Lip Gloss 2 makes a great on-the-go everyday lip with its subtle shimmer. For a modern take on red, I adore MAC Queen's Sin, which is a shimmery holiday red shade that works well on most skin tones.

Christine: Clarisonic is my number one! It really helps me ensure I'm fully cleansing my skin every evening, and my skin definitely has gotten so much better since using it. It's lightweight, comes in nifty air-less packaging, and it keeps my normal-to-dry skin well moisturized all day long. It feels amazing with its small exfoliating bits, but it's gentle enough for everyday usage while getting all my makeup and the day's dirt and grime off. TGBD: When you do a smoky eye , what colors do you use? Everybody should formulate their products like Milk. The less skin touching the better. That juice stick cleared up my breakout overnight.

The day before I joked how it was probably a placebo.

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Now it's my go-to moisturizer. I had one thing. I took it out one day and said to myself that I was going to try to use it since I had paid for it, and made a conscious effort to use different color families in it. Orange is still probably my favorite ever I have burgundy-brown hair and grey eyes with pale skin , but I love gunmetal greys for nights out.

And honestly, I never would have learned any of this if I had stuck with my 11 neutral palettes. The colors are just damn stunning, especially the shimmers. I don't know what took me so long to try it, but the color and the formula are complete hits for me. I'm a liquid eyeliner junkie and this one is the best I've ever tried, both in terms of application and formula.

It's so good for controlling oil and the tube lasts forever. It's a really solid foundation, looks beautiful, blends easily, stays on as well as my longwearing ones, easy to get, cheap, lots of shades. The Emerald Obsessions for me! I love the forest greens, and that gold is gorgeous.

MAC Lipstick Sweetie: Swatches & Review | WiseShe

Super Shock Highlighter in Flexitarian for sheer sparkliness and how happy it makes me to apply it. Love love love! I want to get the full once I use it up. Bronze liquid lipstick I got from a friend, it's Soap and Glory.

I finally embraced that bronze colors really do go well with my skin tone NW40ish so Also a rando Camila Cabello lip gloss from L'Oreal. It has a nice wash of color I really enjoy. Oh man, the first two Venus palettes are holy grail for me and I will recommend them to people until I am blue in the face.

Meet The Nudes: MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick

MAC Chili: I think this might take the cake for the lipstick that has garnered the most compliments this year. MAC D for Danger: this is a late discovery this year, but it gives me the perfect red-berry lip. Bonus points to this one for not disappointing me with a super drying formula like my complicated love, Dance With Me. So with you when it comes to duochromes. I really like most of my makeup but I'll try to focus on things that I had a lot of usage of and that are at least halfway or completely gone. I used this for most of the year and it has served me well.

It gives a great glow to the skin and it stays on and does not transfer on my phone. I'm almost out and I'll definitely repurchase again. Clinique chubby stick sculpting highlight. I'm pretty much done with this and I usually like to try other stuff, but after looking around I did not find any other cream highlight that have as good of a shade or texture for me. It's great on it's own or under another highlighter. I ordered another one.

Nars liquid blush in luster. I love this blush it's the perfect shade of orange apricot for lighter skin tones, it blends perfectly into the skin and also works great as a base under another blush.

Must-Have Mac Lipsticks! From Nudes to the Darkest Shades

Mac in extreme dimension 3d lash. I have been using different mascara all year and once I'm done with all my deluxe samples I'll definitely go back to this one. It's super black it stays on and the brush is easy to control I don't tend to stain my lids with this one. Bobbi Brown long wear cream shadow in beach honey. This is what I use when I go for a no makeup makeup. It gives a super subtle glossy look and it stays on all day.

It's not longer available sadly or I'd definitely repurchase this when it's gone. Milani Strobelight highlighter in Afterglow.

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This shade in particular is magical on me, and when I tap it on instead of sweeping it looks exactly the way a highlighter should. Glossier Lidstar in Cub.

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