How to open 2 runescape clients on mac


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Categories :. Fixed audio crashes that could occur when using USB headphones. Fixed an issue whereby the game would show black textures under certain circumstances. Fixed an issue that caused textures to not load in properly for some players.

RuneScape Forum - Community Forums for Clans, Feedback & Discussion

A cache re-download may be required. The correct information is now displayed when trying to log in with a temporary ban. The hint marker now displays correctly. Displaying null models on interfaces no longer causes client crashes. Compiler flags have been improved for Windows builds A potential cause for threading-related crashes was identified and fixed. Hitmarks are now able to display different colours in the NXT client. An issue that was causing certain character models to become invisible during animations has been fixed.

RAM usage has been optimised for Grand Exchange searches.

Specialist Forums

Some core interface logic was sped up. Items no longer appear invisible in player inventories and banks. Improved texture loading performance. Namely incorrect textures loading after teleporting and inventory items disappearing. Fixed picking area for transformed players where they end up on the same square as an NPC. Fixed duplicated hotspot locations within your player owned house.

Game Client

Fixed an issue which prevented quickchat from working on quickchat worlds. Fixed possible cause of 3D world freezing but interface remaining responsive on Windows. Fixed possible cause of crashes when multitasking with other applications on Windows. Fixed some billboards from not appearing in the environment. Fixed device resets causing a logout from lobby or authenticator code screen. Fix an issue where NXT could launch multiple error pages. Reduced memory usage of animation system. Reduced driver overhead of animation system especially on AMD graphics cards.

Improved robustness of device loss recovery less likely for things to render broken or crash after PC sleep, driver crash, minimising compatibility mode, switching GPU, etc. Reduced CPU usage of animation, picking and entity logic systems, especially at framerates well below Implemented immutable texture storage extension, which many improve performance on some GPUs. Players can now define their maximum foreground and background FPS in the NXT client via the graphics settings interface.

The cache churn has been reduced. Pointlights now affects terrain lighting in instances. The high frequency noise visible on newer normal-mapped models when viewed close up has been reduced. Some animation states have been optimised. The refactored chat system is now more efficient.

Game Client

Memory usage has been reduced by approximately 70MB. RAM usage of the script system has been slightly reduced. Various minor CPU optimisations have been put in place. Saved approximately 70MB with some interface optimisations. Increased the amount of hit markers that can appear on the player or npc at any one time.

Fixed potential crash in Windows custom cursors. Added support for FPS capping. By default your maximum FPS will now be set to 10 above your monitors refresh rate. Fixed a number of cases where the game view may partially freeze or display artefacts. Fixed a situation where inventory icons may display incorrect textures or incorrectly display everything as the same item. Fixed a crash when minimising on compatibility mode. Fixed incorrect water rendering on older GPUs or compatibility mode. Fixed a case where the world could end up fully in shadow.

Fixed a case where the world could end up at an incorrect brightness level. Fixed a case where objects could end up extremely dark at certain angles. Improved performance of minimising and restoring compatibility mode. Player picking area tweaked to not be so wide. Fixed terrain not appearing on some lower spec Intel devices. Fixed an issue with black screens and red mini maps on certain low-end devices. Fixed a few issues with occlusion culling.

how to get oldschool runescape on the mac! [2016]

Fixed a heap memory related crash. Fixed a freeze that may occur while loading in map squares. Fixed potential crash on exit or connection loss. Fixed sprite edge artefacts. Fixed an issue that causes celestial dragon dungeon to never finish loading. Fixed broken shadow rendering on Intel HD Fixed a NaN not a number bug with particular models. Certain particle physics should now work correctly. Fixed a common freeze related to clock adjustment that mostly affects MacOS devices but may also affect Windows.

With the exception of the Dominion Tower, lighting over map squares should now be consistent. Fixed the issue with strange artifacts when logging from the lobby or hopping worlds. A new graphical feature: Volumetric lighting have been added to the game. Make your way to Menaphos to check them out! A new graphical feature: Caustic water effects have been added to the game. Added water light extinction effect.

Fixed flickering artefacts with textures disabled on certain GPUs mainly Intel. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to PM me by clicking here. Community Awards.

I actually just had to use this method today after my client wouldn't load. Thank you very much for this guide as my client is back to normal. This guide is just to fix the client, not allow it to play in HD mode. To be able to enter HD mode you'll need to follow the steps Omicron lays out in the guide linked at the bottom of mine. It's a bit more technical, involving changes to your Terminal to allow OpenGL to work correctly. I or Omicron can likely assist you with that if need be but it is laid out very well in his guide if you follow his steps exactly.

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