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  1. 5 best Windows 10 knitting design software for DIY fans
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Marta sat down, took the mouse. It took her a little practice to get the arrow to move where she wanted it to go, and she had to concentrate to press the correct mouse button. But it sure seemed awfully easy. What was the catch? There must be something hard about this. She pressed on, certain she'd find the catch somewhere. She carried the pile of patterns into the kitchen.

5 best Windows 10 knitting design software for DIY fans

Patty was quietly unraveling the knitted pieces had not worked out winding the yarn into a ball. Dan sat reading the newspaper. Marta showed her patterns to them. They said the program was expensive. Marta took a long look at her pile of hand-written calculations. Back at the calculations. She inhaled deeply, sighed, scooped up her handwritten calculations, and put them in the recycling bin under the sink.

Editors' Review

She turned to her friend and her husband. You were right. Wondering if SweaterMaker will run on your computer?

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If you're running Windows or a Mac, see the table below. If you're running anything else, please e-mail me.

Design your idea. Knit your design.

What kind of Knitting? SweaterMaker is written for machine knitters. There is no hand-knitting version of SweaterMaker. We have no plans to write one. SweaterMaker at your Knitting Machine SweaterMaker drawings and instructions are intended to be printed, and the knitter takes the printouts to her knitting machine and refers to them while knitting.

If you have a tablet , you can try taking it to your machine and referring to your instructions there. I have not actually done that, so Microsoft Windows Works perfectly on all Windows platforms from Windows 95 to bit Windows But you can still run SweaterMaker on your Mac. Or if you want to run Windows and Mac applications at the same time — without rebooting — you can install Windows using VMware or Parallels software. How great is that! If I had a new Mac, I'd do this.

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It is another application that allows you to run a Windows program on a Mac. It comes with a day trial period, so you can try it and see if it works for you. If nothing works, relax. SweaterMaker comes with a day money-back guarantee. Try it! If it doesn't run on your computer, or if it just doesn't work for you, simply follow the directions below. And if you already own a Mac and are running SweaterMaker , I'd love to hear from you!

4 different ways to make knitting charts – Part 3: Chart editor software

Please e-mail me to tell me your experience. SweaterMaker works essentially like a boss, a middle manager, and a worker. SweaterMaker says to Windows, "Hey, I want a copy of this and this, print it out for me. In other words, if you can already print documents and pictures using a printer installed on your computer, you will be able to print SweaterMaker documents and pictures.

It doesn't matter what make or model the printer is. SweaterMaker doesn't do the work, Windows and the printer do. A dart is a fold sewn into a fabric to make a bulge, or pucker.

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Another place might be the lower front of a shirt for a pregnant woman, or very large man. And it will chart every one of them for you with your own stitch and row gauges. And you can customize some of the dimensions of your sweater, which effectively makes the number of sweaters you can make Those are just the built-in sweaters. You can also customize the dimensions of your sweaters to anything you want them to be. For example, suppose you wanted to make a short-sleeved shirt with a sleeve that ended halfway down your upper arm. First you would choose one option in each row in the above table.

Then you would change two measurements:. I would love to tell you, "Yes! It's easy! Let me show you some "screen shots" of SweaterMaker in action. A screen shot is just a picture of what is displayed on your computer's monitor when some application is running. I ran SweaterMaker as it charted patterns for all seven body styles , and took screen shots of the pieces as they went by. Click Screen Shots to see SweaterMaker in operation. For example, you'll see what the vertical Dolman sweater looks like--you will be knitting it all in one big piece!

I offer a money-back guarantee for SweaterMaker. Try it for a full 30 days. If it's not what you're looking for, or if it doesn't run on your computer for whatever reason, uninstall the program from your computer, return the manual and CD, and we'll refund the cost of the software but not shipping. No risk to you.

Pattern maker for machine knitting

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How to Create melon Stitch design in a sweater part by hq-pds! automatic jacquard flat knitting mac.

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