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New rules for isolating a system are easy and quick to create. At any time, a user can scan an individual file through the program, with a right click in Windows Explorer, or an IT administrator can scan it remotely. While the program doesn't include file encryption, it can control Microsoft's BitLocker in Windows and Apple's FileVault in the Macintosh operating system.

The encryption keys are stored in the cloud, and the company can recover the contents of a system where the user has forgotten the password or for employees who have left the firm.

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This Encryption Management package is an optional extra. Policies are at the heart of SEPC's protection. They need only be written once and are then deployed across the four platforms the program supports. They can be applied to individual systems, groups or the entire deployment.

What's the difference between consumer and business AV?

The program's default policies should get any small business started — they include the abilities to specify when updates take place, disable the webcam and lock USB ports. It has a modest impact on performance and provides peace of mind. However, the program falls short of true patch management by lacking the ability to update the operating system and key apps as Kaspersky Endpoint Business Security can. Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud can cover most small and midsize companies, as it's compatible with Windows versions 7 to 10 , Windows Server to and Macs versions There are apps for recent iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets.

While the PC and Mac versions protect against a variety of vectors, the mobile versions are less complete. Both the Android and iOS apps can block malicious sites, prevent the leaking of sensitive data, and be remotely locked or wiped, but only the Android app can scan for malware. Symantec's installation procedure for the Endpoint Protection Cloud suite on a Windows 10 system can be carried out by IT personnel or by the employee through a self-serve process.

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After the administrator sets up an account, an email link is sent to the new employee. Once the account is verified, Symantec's servers send the necessary software and the automatic installation starts. Make sure you instruct employees to use the Edge browser when installing SEPC on a Windows 10 system, because the setup procedure doesn't work with other browsers. The installation process took a little more than 11 minutes on an HP EliteBook Folio G1 notebook with the latest version of Windows That's slightly faster than the installation for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business.

There were no annoying false positives. A quick scan to find the most pressing dangers took an average of 1 minute and 45 seconds to assess 12, files.

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This time it was faster than Kaspersky, which took 2 minutes and 40 seconds to scan one-third as many files. Reminiscent of Symantec's Norton consumer products, SEPC uses a half-screen design that can be moved around but not resized. It has a green check mark to show the system is safe and secure. In the event of a malware emergency, that would change to a red X and show up on the management console. The Advanced category lets users activate a variety of individual protective features, like behavioral analysis and the firewall, but your IT administrator can gray out any of these choices to prevent turning off vital protection.

It gives an excellent overview of what's going on with your company's systems, including a top-line summary of the number of systems protected, the percentage of licenses used, alerts, compromised devices, threats and risks. You can click on any of these to see the details.

Symantec Endpoint Protection REVIEW

Underneath are pie charts of operating systems, threat activity and device status. There's also a calendar of recent updates and maintenance patches. At any point, you can see which systems are online, threatened or need updates. The administrator has power to do anything from getting rid of an infected file to forcing an update. There's no free version of SEPC, but you can use a seat license for 60 days, double the length of most trial periods.

Your employees can call, email or use an online chat window to resolve their problems, but only the management console has a direct link to the support staff.

The company's site has lots of FAQs, installation help, remote diagnostics, videos and specific articles. For an extra cost, Symantec offers premium support with faster response times and a dedicated account manager.

Symantec-endpoint-protection-vwin-mac download

You can get periodic reviews, the planning of security upgrades and priority access to engineers. He writes stories for Business. Accounting Finances Financial Solutions Funding. Finance Human Resources Marketing Technology. The left hand side menu features a module where you can enroll devices to protect, create new users, and assess your security needs.

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  8. Download SEP This software is available to:. This software is NOT available to:.

    Installation and User Interface

    License Agreement. This software cannot be downloaded and stored in a shared file space. Unidentified Developer Error? Double-click the Symantec Endpoint Protection folder. Double-click Symantec Endpoint Protection Installer. Symantec Endpoint Protection installer will launch. Click Continue.

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    Review the information about Symantec Endpoint Protection, then click Continue. Installation requires MB of free space. Provided you have enough free space on your computer, click Install. Enter your computer's administrator password then click OK. Symantec Endpoint Protection AntiVirus will install. Log in and run LiveUpdate immediately.

    Click New. Select AntiVirus Scan. Click Select.