Xbox 360 wired controller not working on mac


  1. Xbox 360 Controller Driver 0.16.11 for Mac OS X
  2. Play Minecraft on Mac With Xbox Controller: 6 Steps
  3. How to connect an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller to your Mac!
  4. Xbox One S controller
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Xbox 360 Controller Driver 0.16.11 for Mac OS X

Unlike when connected to an actual Xbox , the controller will not light up when connected to your Mac. There should be an Xbox Controllers preference icon in the lower right, now.

Pressing the buttons will darken them on the control panel, so you can see that the controller is working. Now, launch Steam, or other controller-enabled game, on your Mac, and get to gaming!

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Play Minecraft on Mac With Xbox Controller: 6 Steps

The new AirPods Pro are fandabbydosey [An appreciation]. Makes no sense for this game to show off a controller, and then not respond to it. Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. I have spent the last hour working on fixing this problem to no avail. I tried removing my current version of tattieboggle, tried it with both version 12 and 11, installing the support for 3rd party controllers I am using a madcatz , and I have even tried restarting the computer.

How to connect an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller to your Mac!

I would really appreciate some help fixing the problem. I am on a Macbook Pro 13inch. I have yet to even play the game I am so agitated. I might forgive the game for making me jump through all these hoops if my controller would work, but it doesn't. I'm very unhappy about this, as the game looks like a lot of fun, but if I am going to play it, I want to be able to play it how it should be played. I no longer have time to use my Xbox, so I was really looking forward to replaying this game.

Xbox One S controller

Also, I have registered on the behemoth forums, but am currently unable to post a new topic to look for help. Does anyone know a way to contact the developers? Bestbug View Profile View Posts. Any luck yet? Having same problem.

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Controller works in Big Picture and other games but not this This was their reply to my support ticket "Is your controller a direct input controller? If so, you shouldn't need to run any third party programs, as Castle Crashers should be able to recognize it on its own.

If possible, please switch to a controller of one of these input types. So they are saying because I have the Controller Driver installed which is what I was told I would need for Steam games it's not reading my controller? It's installed into the system, and I'm not going to uninstall it for one game.

I guess that is what they are telling us. All I know is that I tried it with and without tattieboggle, and couldn't get it to work either way.