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Make sure your device is in DFU Mode. Run exploit for pwned DFU Mode: You can use the latest version of iTunes. Wait for it to finish. I'll try it again and get back to you. Is your device in pwned DFU Mode? I'll try again,. When using redsn0w you must choose: I chose no. Also I am using sn0wbreeze, is that ok? I'll try again with the restore. Latest version of iTunes. Are you getting Error 28 with iOS 3. Don't have a Mac Use it on Windows. It's included in the menu in sn0wbreeze. I'll try the Sn0wbreeze 6. Digits are Still no luck I might add that feature in the future, but there is no ETA.

I don't know. Repository owner deleted a comment from iPhoneDowngrader Jul 8, Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in to comment.

You signed in with another tab or window. Thanks a lot. Best regards from Mexico! Nothing seems to work. Then I tried it with Ifaith, and yessss this worked for me. But only if you have your shsh on your pc. Satish i have tried your solution and many others but could not fix it! I have an Ipad1 3G and I want to restore it to 5. Thanks to Redsn0w putting it in pwned DFU was easy. What IOS you are on. Once done go to redsnow again and extra then SHSH blob, then stitch and stitch the build you just made by customising your ipsw. Now run itune and it will detect your phone in recovery mode. I can guaratntee you, that this will do the trick.

I had same problem and just followed my own guide and it did work… Please let me know how you get on.. Thanks man. It worked! It worked and it worked! Reallllly appreciate it! Satish I would kiss you no homo right now if I knew who you were!

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You, sir, are the man!!! Satish man you are great. Thanks a lot Satish! I was trying to update my iPhone 3gs from iOS 4. Thanks again. So this will allow me to downgrade my iPod touch 4G back down to 4.

I am using a 3GS with new bootroom was jailbroken on 5. It was working fine until I downloaded an app.

iTunes Errors - The iPhone Wiki

After that my phone started going off for a while. It would come back only when I would press Home and Power for 1 few seconds. But now, it has stopped working completely. This is what happens now:. Most of the time, it would be completely dead. But if I leave it untouched for a day and then connect it to my PC, it comes back to life. But when I would start using it even for a few seconds to resrtore again , it would go blank or gives me a completely white screen. After several attempts, if it comes back to life, it would either be in Recovery Mode or stuck on Apple logo or show me a gray or a white screen only.

Itunes detect it, but gives me error while restoring to my custom 5. The phone remains virtually dead but itunes recognizes it and Tinyumbella log also shows DFU device connected. I have done this and i tried everything but nothing works i still get !! Look here is the solution …….. I went to the redsnow that i had used to jailbreak my iPhone before i tried to restore to update and did this. Have same problem get error have tryed in 4 diff computers, but if i use iFatih i can get 5.

I have an iphone 2g with error 23 and when i use ireb i get or error. Also tried RedSn0w when it asked for custom firmware, but it gets stuck at downloading jailbreak data. Fix an appointment with the Apple Store.

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How exactly, can you please give some more information. I am doing this for 3 days and get errors all the time, from to , one gets fixed another comes up. Fix error first for a restore to start. Read this http: Im trying to unlock my iPhone I did all the steps right. Now im trying to restore iPhone w custom 5. What am I doing wrong? Thanks — this saved me a lot of time. I am having all kinds of trouble downgrading. Could you give me an exact step by step??

Well you might want to then read this http: I managed to downgrade an iphone 4 from 4.

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It was tricky, but I basically did a tethered jailbreak on redsnow using a 4. Works great. But who cares?

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  5. Tethered iOS 4. S Why all that? Just wanna ask, why do my iTunes keep showing error even after I created and used the custom IPSW made by sn0wbreeze? I have a funny problem here, i already used sn0wbreeze to create a custom IPSW for 4. Why is this so? Do i have to use sn0wbreeze to create another custom IPSW? Sure your restore will go through, but it will always be a tethered JB which will eventually kick you into a DFU once its screen locks.

    iTunes Errors

    Tried lot of time. Iphone 3gs 4. Fix Recovery also not working. Tried iReb, snowbreeze, tinyumbrella, redsnow. No solution as if now, please help please help.. Eh, what are you actually trying to achieve here? As I mentioned earlier, you still need to put your device into a pwned DFU mode always before a restore.

    Failing to do so will always result in 16xx errors. I dunno…. Open iTunes, and it should detect your device in recovery mode.

    Hold Option and click Restore, then select your newly created stitched firmware file. Allow iTunes to completely restore your device, and you may be presented with an Error -1 from iTunes. Do not worry. Place your device back into DFU mode, and the Recovery fix should run successfully. Once the Recovery fix is completed, your device will be completely restored back on iOS 5. If you can remember to follow each step one at a time, then the chances of your success with this downgrade goes up exponentially. Keep in mind, that the downgrade only works if you meet the criteria.

    Again, you must have an A4 device or below, you must have your SHSH blobs saved locally on your computer, or stored on Cydia, and you need to have RedSn0w and the correct 5. If you have questions or concerns, then feel free to comment below.